An Invitation to Create Drum-Story-Songs

Drum-Story-Songs, along with the concept of a drum circle, are not merely entertainment; they are enticement, providing wings for imagination, hope, fantasies and dreams. They offer a form of music therapy for the soul. Drum-Story-Songs recognize and challenge the intellect, evoking memories and soothing spirits. Using a format of percussion, storytelling and singing, Drum-Story-Songs circles provide stimulation to body, mind and spirit. Blending challenge and delight, they encourage personal successes and often support remarkable shifts in mobility and communication skills.

A typical circle has from twenty-five to fifty participants who receive verbal and musical clues within the framework of stories such as romantic comedies. Participation is lively and often tumultuous with circle members trying to ‘name the tune’.

Drum-Story-Songs and Seniors

When I began facilitating drum circles with seniors, I came prepared with lesson plans, sample beats and high hopes. My initial enthusiasm made up for lack of experience. However, as the months progressed I found it harder to maintain my own interest. Drum circle facilitation, my passionate release and resource, was at risk of becoming a (horrors!) job.

I considered the situation. How could I hold the interest of the group on a continuing basis if I could not maintain my own level of enthusiasm? The issue became even more pressing when I began a weekly drum style circle at an adult daycare center.

I developed a program to hold my interest, beating the drum to the rhythm of old songs and familiar rhymes. I wove stories around lyrics, inviting others to join me on a meandering path of memories and madcap attitudes.

Giving both musical and metaphorical hints, success comes from wacky leaps of logic and bizarre flights of imagination. Silliness and crazy connections are opportunities for challenge and empowerment.

I invite you to join with me in Creating New Rhythms with Old Songs

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