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Songs, Science & Spirit

This is Dedicated to the One I Love
2006 World Parkinson Congress
The-ologies of the Bodies
Bottom’s Up
1 ~ Personal Stories, Shared Perspectives

    A Bard with Bandages
      Unbalanced and Unbowed
      The Reluctant Witness ~ Sally Forth
    I Will Always Look Up To You
      Requesting Accommodation vs. Asking for Help
2 ~ Language Labels & Expressions
    Essential Rights to Community and Dignity
      Private Rooms in Public Places
    Fractious Phrases
      I Am Not a Wheelchair
      These Are a Few of My Least Favourite Words
    Hand Me the Phone!
    Triggered Responses
      Face Mask
3 ~ Onsite Insights
    The Listening Ear
      Associate Agents of Change
    Assistance Essentials
      Applied Awareness
      Intuitive Witnessing
      Sitting Shiva on my Shoulder
      Compassionate Assisting
      Responsibility vs. Reaction
      Don’t Assist ~ Connect
      Slow Down!
    Respect and Inclusion
      “Ha-ouw” to Speak Mandarin-Korean with a Chicago Accent
4 ~ Dimensions of Dress, Disease & Perfume
    Dress Rehearsal at Modesty Manners
    From Germs to Perfumes
      You Give Me Fever
      Typhoid Mary
5 ~ Choreographing Chaos
    First Fish Facilitation
    Conducting Connections
      The First Cut is the Deepest
6 ~ Facilitation Tools & Techniques
    Special Equipment
      Equipment — Overview & Aesthetics
      Facilitator’s Chair
    Engagement Rings
      Simple Choices ~ Sample Beats
      Stop Following Me!
      Distinctive Stops
      Making I Contact
      Read My Lips
      Assailed By Audio
      Ergonomics and Body Language
      I Can’t HEAR You!
    Understanding Belligerent and Disruptive Behaviour
      Domestic Challenges
      Mrs. Li and Me
      Saul’s Message
    Enforcement vs. Invitation
      Just Don’t Say No
      Living in a World Apart
      Eduardo’s Non-Command Performance
      Ronella’s Teaching
      Freedom to Steer Clear of the Circle
      Jim Won’t Play
7 ~ Time Out for Time Within
    Sensory & Physical Overload
      What Do You Do with a Dropped Dead Drummer?
    Rest Periods
      I Couldn’t Move My Arm for a Week
    Sample Stories
      Chocolate Chip Cookies
      Name That Restaurant
      You Forgot the Toast!
    Rituals & Spirituality
      Beginning Rituals
      Rituals for Significant Events
      Creating Rituals and Ownership
      Closing Rituals
      So Long Song
8 ~ Music & Song
    Galvanizing Action with Song
      Memories, Melodies, and Movement
    Why Songs Work - Initiation vs. Response
      Waltzing Olga
    Emotional Moves
      Gait Keepers
      Dextrous Dressing
      Momentum for Meals
      Beating the Blues
      Anxiety Allies
      Keeping Count with Timing Tunes
      Silly Songs
    Special Songs
      Creating Personal Beats
      Participation Songs
      Greeting Songs
    Find Their Song
      Show Me the Way to Go Home
    Sing It and Play It
      Re-experiencing That Which Cannot Be Remembered
9 ~ Drum~Story~Songs
    The Story of the Story~Song
    Guide to Creating Story~Songs
      Love, Romance, Nostalgia, Depression Era
      Filling in the Blanks
    Types of Story~Songs
      Personal Stories
      Endless Story Songs – Dugald and Donald
      Relevant Stories
    In The Spirit of Tall Tales
10 ~ Step-by-Step Guide to a Drum~Story~Song
    Love & Marriage
Resources & Reference Material
    Frère Jacques in Twenty-two Languages
    Abridged Guidelines for Drum Circle Facilitation
    Music and Lyrics Links on the Web
    Annotated Bibliography & Suggested Reading
    Alphabetical Index
    Index of Quotes by Category
      Principles ~ Theories
      Medicine ~ Science
      Music ~ Melody
      Story~Song Process Profundities
    Illustrations ~ Photos

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